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BROSTRADINGTOOLS Is The Team Behind One Of The Most Downloaded Market Tools.
  • 12 Year Trading Expertise
  • Over 10K Active Members To Date
  • AI-Powered Market Analysis
  • Hands-Free Trading Automation
  • Achieve 80%+ Annual Success


Our trading robots use mathematical models and advanced algorithms to analyze market data and make investment decisions. They are programmed to follow a set of rules and make trades based on market conditions. They continuously monitor the market, identify opportunities, and execute trades automatically. They are capable of opening and closing orders much faster and much more efficiently than a human ever possibly could, and they can do this 24 hours a day. The BROS TRADING TOOLS never sleep, never get tired and don’t have human emotions.


Get your ALPHA PASS PROP EA on your METATRADER 4 chart!



Get your GARANTEE SCALP EA on your METATRADER 4 chart!



Get your GOLD HITTER EA on your METATRADER 4 chart!



Get your US30 TURBO EA on your METATRADER 4 chart!

  • Easy to Set Up

    Getting set up is extremely easy. We provide easy to follow instructions and are here to help!

  • Profits on Autopilot

    100% automated trading, no human input required! Make profits in your sleep!

  • MyFxBook Verified

    Completely verified trading history for the world to see.

  • Proven Systems

    Our systems have been historically backtested for years and have been profitable year after year!

  • No Emotions Involved

    Emotions is the #1 reason traders lose money. Automated trading completely removes emotions from the equation

  • Stop Blowing Accounts

    Up to 97% on manual traders eventually blow 100% of their account. Start automated trading today!

100% Refund Policy Cancel Anytime

Learn to identify winning signals!

You will learn how to filter false signals, where to place a stop loss, and as well as Entry and Exit target.These strategies will help you to follow certain rules and develop patience. Which are very crucial to be successful in trading.

  • Delivery Right After Order

    Download after order

  • Refund if file doesn't deliver/work

    Full Refund Policy/ Cancel Anytime

  • We are available 24/7

    Email replies less than 24 hours

  • Secure payments

    Cards and Cryptocurrency


1. How Do The Trading Tools Work?

EA's are a form of artificial intelligence that automatically trade on your behalf. Indicators are signals displayed on the chart that let you know when to buy and sell.

2. When do I get my product after purchasing?

Our support team will contact you via email during business days.

3. How Do I Install My Trading Tool / Indicator?

Our tools/ indicators are easy to install, there are two methods for installation either using the provided Pdf guide book or using our installation videos provided on our website.

4. Can I Use This Trading Tool or Indicator On Android/IOS?

The tools/indicators can only be installed on the METATRADER application on your computer but can be monitored using your smartphone.

5. Can I Have Multiple Accounts?

Each purchase grants you only one live and one demo account.

6. Can I change my account number?

Yes, only if you provide proof your existing account has been deactivated.

7. Can I Use The Demo Key On A Real Account?

No, each key is provided specific to the account type.

8. What Pairs Can I Trade?

Each of our tool handles different pairs based on the applied settings which are given to you in our provided user guide after purchase .

9. What Kind Of Support Do You Offer?

We offer our clients support Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5pm GMT+3 on several platforms such as Email, live support and social media.

10. What Broker Do I Use?

Our trading tools/indicators are supported by all brokers.

11. Why Is My Tool Not Taking Any Trades?

Tools might not make any trades due to several reasons such as; a) Allow DLL imports box has not been checked. b) Auto trading button on the top bar is off. c) Incorrect time frame. d) Preset files have not been installed correctly. E) Market is closed during the weekend.

12. Can I Change The Settings On My Trading Tool/Indicator?

Yes, however you take full accountability for overriding the best strategic settings we have given you by default.

 13. Can I Run More Than One Tool on the same account?

No, each tool must be installed on a separate account number.

14 Do you accept cryptocurrency or alternative methods as a payment method?

Yes we Accept  crypthocurrency as payment method for alternative methods you can email us 

15. Can I Use Multiple Trading Indicators On The Same Account?

Yes, multiple indicators can be used on the same account.